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Building SaaS platforms of any scale and complexity

With proven domain expertise, advanced tech stack, solid architectural standards, and stringent code quality control, we can build SaaS platforms of any size and complexity.

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Looking to build a successful SaaS platform?

Creating a successful SaaS product is plain hard. Simply building it is not enough. You must launch, learn, iterate, and scale in order to achieve product-market fit. After years of building SaaS products, we've developed a set of principles and standards to help you do just that.


Clean Code

We follow industry-standard coding practices to ensure clean, organized, and maintainable code.

Solid Architecture

We design custom solutions tailored to your business requirements using the latest technologies and methodologies.

Robust Infrastructure

We offer scalable, secure, and flexible infrastructure solutions that are always available and perform optimally.


Lean & Agile

Few things are worse than rowing enthusiastically in the wrong direction.

Direct & Transparent

Our team is your team. No proxies, middlemen, or other intermediaries

Decent & Humble

We're in for a long ride. Let's keep each other good company

Case study

AwayAway – You’re 2 Minutes Away From Better Travel

AwayAway is a personalized travel recommendation platform that combines the knowledge of expert travel professionals with AI to create bespoke travel recommendations.

“They were the correct partner for us, and our decision has since been justified. Softcery took us from zero to having a tangible product so we could progress along our roadmap.”
Oliver ColeshillFounder of AwayAway
September 2021 - Ongoing

The project with AwayAway started in Sep 2021 and is ongoing as we work actively to achieve their goals and objectives.

Engagement type
Product DiscoveryDedicated Team

Collaborated with AwayAway during product discovery to define needs and explore solutions. Fully integrated into their development process in a dedicated team model, working closely to achieve goals.

Custom Software Dev, AI/ML R&D, Сloud Infrastructure Deployment & Scaling

Now fully integrated into AwayAway's dev process, we work closely in a dedicated team model to achieve their goals after collaborating on product discovery.

How do we develop top-notch SaaS platforms?

We follow a proven approach based on the Lean Startup methodology to build and scale high-quality SaaS platforms that delight customers and grow.

Step 1
Research and Discovery

We start by understanding your business goals and target audience to create a comprehensive plan. This includes identifying user needs, potential challenges, and opportunities for your SaaS platform.

Step 2
Product Design

We create prototypes and user interfaces for your SaaS platform. This approach helps us build an intuitive product that your users will love and easily interact with.

Step 3
Product (MVP) Development

Our experienced software developers will build your SaaS platform using the best industry standards. Your platform will be secure, scalable, and maintainable, ready to grow with your business.

Step 4

Once we are confident that your SaaS platform is ready, we will deploy it. Our team will also provide comprehensive documentation and support during the launch.

Step 5

We keep a close eye on your SaaS’s performance and user interactions, collecting valuable data to identify areas for improvement and optimization.

Step 6
Feedback & Improvement

We continuously refine and enhance your SaaS by utilizing the insights gained from monitoring. We highly value user feedback and incorporate it into the ongoing improvement process.

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Here’s what our clients have to say...

Oliver Coeshill

Oliver Coeshill

Founder of AwayAway

I have almost 10 years experience of recruiting developers for different projects and it was clear to me that once we spoke with Softcery, they were the correct partner for us, and our decision has since been justified. Softcery took us from zero to having a tangible product so we could progress along our roadmap.

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Alicia Sekhri

Alicia Sekhri

Founder of PlaylistMakr

The deliverables were very well-executed. The design of the website was perfect and the interface was as well. Everything worked perfectly. They work fast and can do pretty much anything. I was blown away by the quality of their work and their dedication to each project.

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Faris Rahbani

Faris Rahbani

Founder of ProperKey

We’re still in the early stages, but I can now use this software for my real estate business. I’ve been very happy with Softcery. The quality of their work is really good — whenever there are bugs, they are very responsive and fix issues quickly. I’m satisfied with their work.

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Aric Whiteley

Aric Whiteley

Co-Founder at Lockhern Digital

Softcery’s strengths are their attention to detail and their ability to think outside the box for problem-solving. We’ve faced a number of issues related to getting approval through specific APIs. Still, their team has been incredibly diligent in finding solutions, going far beyond what I expected them to do throughout the process.

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Ryan Tabb

Ryan Tabb

CEO at Podsicle Media

Softcery helped us with custom full stack software development of an analytics SaaS platform; they took us from the concept we had through the functional prototype stage of a web app. They were proactive with suggestions, asked the right questions, and understood our objective. Overall, we felt we hired a team consultant rather than just an outside developer.

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Ben Yungreis

Ben Yungreis

Manager at Eye4Fraud

We found them through referral. We we're blown away by the excellent code quality, QA and the teams communication skills, a must-have for outsourced teams.

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What makes us stand out?

We create dedicated teams and provide full transparency, adaptive scaling, product orientation, and technological superiority to ensure each project's success.


Dedicated Teams

We believe that there is no good product without a good team. Work with a strong cross-functional team tailored specifically to your and your product’s needs!


Full Transparency

Products are created by people. You should have the ability to collaborate and communicate with your team directly – in Slack, on calls, and everywhere else! No more intermediary project and account managers.


Adaptive Scaling

Every journey has its highs and lows. Flexibly adjust the size of your team to ensure your product has the exact people and processes it needs at every stage of its development.


Product Orientation

Softcery was founded by two friends eager to create cool new products and create impact though technology. Focus on product value is deeply embedded our core values.


Technological Superiority

Building a software product without a robust architecture and stringent code quality control is like constructing a skyscraper on a wooden foundation. Our tried and proven technology stack guarantees efficient and reliable long-term scaling – in most cases*.


Personalized Approach

Every project is unique, and different challenges require different solutions. We work closely with each client to create a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership.

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Did you know?

One of the biggest mistakes when starting a new software project is jumping into development too quickly.

Before offering our services, we’ll sign an NDA and thoroughly research your business to make sure were a good fit for your challenges.