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Eye4Fraud generates an additional $2,000,000+ in processed order revenue with Rapid Checkout™

Learn how Softcery helped Eye4Fraud Inc. to develop, deploy, and scale Rapid Checkout™ – the faster, smarter, all-in-one checkout.

Brooklyn, New York, USA
May 2021 – now (22 months)
Custom software development
  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development
  • Infrastructure management
eCommerce, Finance
Eye4Fraud generates an additional $2,000,000+ in processed order revenue with Rapid Checkout™


Eye4Fraud Inc. is a New York-based company that provides fraud protection services to online merchants, enabling store owners to accept every single order from all around the world with zero risk. Established in 2012, Eye4Fraud is the market leader in fraud protection and one of the Inc. 5000 fastest-growing private companies in America.

As a result of close partnership with numerous online merchants, the management of Eye4Fraud developed a deep understanding of the difficulties, problems, and pains that come with running and growing an online store.

Building Eye4Fraud Rapid Checkout™

After years of hearing complaints and requests for help, the management of Eye4Fraud has decided to finally solve cart abandonment by creating Rapid Checkout™ – the faster, smarter, all-in-one checkout.

Checkout engine

Create a fully-fledged online checkout engine that improves buying experience, decreases cart abandonment, and increases conversion, generating higher revenues for merchants.

Admin portal

Create a powerful admin portal that allows fine-grained management of the whole system as well as each individual store by Eye4Fraud staff.

Merchant portal

Create a convenient self-service merchant portal that provides a simple way to integrate and configure Rapid Checkout for an online store.


Develop integration with popular eCommerce platforms and payment processing gateways.

Performance & scalability

Ensure the system stability and extendability for continuous product development and scaling.

Security & compliance

Ensure the security and encryption standards to comply with strict PCI DSS guidelines.

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Value delivered

Designed and developed a high-performance modular architecture, allowing efficient long-term development and supporting thousands of visits and hundreds of checkouts per minute.
Developed integrations with Shopify and BigCommerce (eCommerce platforms), and USAePay (payment gateways), TokenEx (sensitive data tokenization), PAAY (3D Secure provider), and the Eye4Fraud itself.
Developed a complex admin dashboard with options, configurations, feature flags, and monitoring covering all of the system functionality.
Developed a delightful merchant portal with simplified intuitive controls over an online store for self-service by online merchants.
Created a stable and scalable infrastructure layer with continuous monitoring, actionable alerting, and dynamic autoscaling, ensuring 99.99% uptime.
Created a continuous integration and delivery pipeline, allowing for daily production releases and ensuring quick incident discovery and resolution.
60k+Checkout sessions
$3M+Value generated
10k+Orders processed
1600+Customers registered

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